About The Stephan Company

The Stephan Company is a premier distributor of Barber, Beauty  and personal care items. Founded in 1897, we are proud to say that we are:

  • The first professional men’s hair care company in the United States
  • The first distributor through the barber shop channel

…and we still have a loyal following today!

The companies that make up The Stephan Company network include:

  • Morris Flamingo
  • Williamsport Bowman Barber Supply
  • MD Barber
  • 614 Barber Supply
  • Appleton Barber Supply
  • Norva Barber Supply

Then, now and tomorrow

From humble beginnings at the dawn of the 20th century, in Worcester, MA, The Stephan Company has remained true to our roots by providing quality professional beauty and barber products and exceptional customer service.

Our Corporate Headquarters are in St. Petersburg, FL.  With over 115 years of experience and expertise, The Stephan Company remains one step ahead of the ever-changing professional beauty and barber products industry.